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Application Process

Please read the assessment criteria and then complete the Expression Of Interest at the bottom of this page. If you wish to add supporting documents such as photos or itemised budgets, please email these to with your organisation name in the subject line.  Donations are generally for amounts no more than $3000.


Your application will first be reviewed by our Charity Committee. Applications which meet our requirements are then put to a vote by members at the next available monthly member’s meeting. Members vote on the application and the amount… in some cases, a successful application may be offered a lesser amount than was requested. You will be informed of the outcome of your application by email. Successful applicants are required to attend the relevant dance to accept their cheque on stage after the show.

Assessment Criteria

In assessing an application, we consider the following factors.

Category fit

  • Men’s health

  • Women’s health

  • Youth health

  • Mental health

  • Animal welfare

The type of organisation - preferred organisations are those that

  • benefit the LGBTIQA+ community

  • operate in Australia (or involve Australians if off-shore)

  • are an incorporated association and/or charity (i.e. have some formal structure)

  • are run by volunteers rather than paid staff

  • receive no, or very little, government/corporate funding

Use of donation - it is preferred that our donation

  • is leveraged in some way such as paying for a fundraiser or donation matching

  • benefits the most people / animals

  • leads to ongoing benefit such as education

Successful applicants are required to

  • specify how the donation will be used and who it benefits

  • promote the dance via their networks (Website, Facebook, friends, supporters) in order to encourage attendance

  • attend the relevant dance and accept a cheque on stage at the end of the show

  • provide ongoing updates regarding the use of the donation through emails, website acknowledgement,  Facebook posts, photos, testimonials etc

  • complete an on-line survey regarding the use and success of the donation, approximately 6 months after it’s allocation


The Pollys Club may choose to include branding regarding the donation recipients on marketing material for the dance e.g. This Pollys dance supports [Charity Name].

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